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Browse our recordings here, from past sermons that’s been arranged chronologically book by book, to our most recent upload—helping you make sense of God’s word that you may have a fuller picture of the bible.

Bible Reading Guide | 圣经手册


A Year in the Bible



Want to make bible reading easier and more regular? This is a great resource to take you through reading the Word of God month by month. You will need a bible or bible app on hand, and prayer, as you embark on this. Explore our Bible Reading Guide now.

For the Men


Male Leadership at Home

How should we have the right view of leadership in the Christian household, so that whether in church or at home we are leading others the right way?


More articles on this topic coming to you..


For All Women


Ladies Fellowship Online

Explore our blog—created for all single, working ladies and stay-home mums. We publish monthly short reads to encourage you when the going gets tough. Come journey with us!

Reading of the Day (Devotional)

New Testament Bible Reading Guide: Matthew | 马太福音 9:33b-34



Two Responses to Jesus’ Power

In Jesus’ day there were two responses recorded in this particular passage, by the people who witness Him first hand. Together with your bible, find out what they are, and how or whether we might we defer or act.
Old Testament Bible Reading Guide:



Reflecting on the Creator God




How do we speak of God’s creations today amidst the busyness and constant feed of entertainment and news? We invite you to pause, take it in, reflect and meditate upon His word, to be refreshed and mindfully re-calibrated back to the foundational Truth. Start reading with us!




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