16 Mar 2018, Gen 45 创45章, Beautiful Picture of Forgiveness 宽恕 – 美丽的画面

Scripture Reading        : Gen 45

Theme                            : Beautiful Picture of Forgiveness



When Joseph saw that his brothers’ hearts were humble, and when he heard them confess their sins, he knew it was safe to reveal his identity to them. Had he done it earlier, they would not have been ready for the blessings he had for them; and had he waited longer, the men might have been in total despair. Our Lord knows just how to work in our lives to bring us to submission. Joseph could have fed them and their father without going through this lengthy procedure, but it would only have further ruined their character.


Joseph said, “Please come near to me” (v. 4). He had forgiven them, but they were still afraid. In fact, they would still be afraid seventeen years later (50:15–21). In Jesus Christ, we have been reconciled to God, and we need not fear judgment (Rom. 8:1; 2 Cor. 5:18; Col. 1:20). God wants us to draw near to Him (Heb. 10:19–25; James 4:8).


Joseph explained to them that God had sent him before them to preserve the nation so that Israel could be a blessing to all the earth (12:1–3). God’s providential purpose did not minimize their sins or negate their responsibility (Acts 2:23; 3:13–18), but it did help to ease their fear and sorrow. Joseph further reassured them by giving them rich gifts and promising to care for the whole family. The gifts he sent home helped to give Jacob the assurance he needed that Joseph indeed was alive.

Joseph knew his brothers, so he admonished them: “Don’t be angry with yourselves!” (v. 5), and “Don ’t quarrel on the journey!” (v. 24). We quickly lose the blessing when we fail to accept Christ’s forgiveness and then love one another. (See 1 John 4:7ff.)  [1]


Praying the Scripture

  1. The simple statement “I am Joseph” exploded like a bomb in their ears and brought terror to their hearts. They were speechless. Every mouth was dropped as they stood guilty before their judge (Rom. 3:19). Yes, Joseph’s brothers were guilty. Yes, they were responsible for Joseph’s sufferings, but God used them to accomplish His divine purposes. The story of Joseph encourages us to recognize the sovereignty of God in the affairs of life and to trust His promises no matter how dark the day may be. “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.” (Pro 19:21) Dear Lord, help me to trust you no matter what happen because you are a sovereign, loving, gracious and wise God.
  1. Since Joseph could see his brothers’ mixed responses of fear and bewilderment, he encouraged them with words that came from a loving and forgiving heart. Joseph even urged them not to be angry with themselves (v. 5) and don’t quarrel on the road (v24). What a loving and tender heart of Joseph! Dear Lord, help me to be like Joseph. Even he suffered years of toil and pains he still can forgive because he sees God in the situation. Help me to be forgiving, loving and gracious like our Lord Jesus Christ.

[1] Warren W. Wiersbe, With the Word Bible Commentary (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1991), Ge 45:1–46:1.








当约瑟说: “请你们近前来”(4节),他已经原谅了他们。但他们仍然害怕。事实上,十七年后他们仍然感到害怕(50:15-21)。在耶稣基督里,我们已经与神和好,我们无需害怕审判(罗8:1;林后5:18;西1:20)。神的确要我们亲近祂(希10:19-25;雅4:8)。






  1. 一句简单的话:“我是约瑟”,如雷震耳般的像一颗炸弹在他们的耳朵里爆炸、带给他们慌恐。他们无话可说。站在罪的面前受审判,他们百口莫辩(罗3:19)。是的约瑟的兄弟的确有罪。是的约瑟的苦难是他们的错,但神使用它来完成祂神圣的目的。约瑟的故事鼓励我们无论在多么黑暗的日子里,都可以认识到神在生活中每一个角落的主权,并相信祂的应许。“人心多有计谋;惟有耶和华的筹算才能立定。”(箴19:21)亲爱的主啊,帮助我在任何情况下都要信任袮,因为袮是一个有主权、爱、恩典和满有智慧的神。
  1. 约瑟从兄弟们身上看到恐惧和困惑交杂的反应,因此他以一个充满爱和宽恕的心来鼓励他们。约瑟甚至敦促他们“不要因为把我卖到这里自忧自恨!”(5节),也 “不要在路上相争!”(24节)约瑟的心是多么充满着爱和温柔啊!亲爱的主,帮我能像约瑟一样。即使他遭受了多年的辛劳和痛苦,但他仍然可以原谅自己的弟兄。因为他以神的眼光看待一切。请帮我做个宽容、亲切、有爱心的人,就像我们的主耶稣基督一样。