—Our Children’s Ministry,

Comprising of Nursery, Junior & Youths, Teachers and Parents


Here at GBF, we want to assist parents in the work they are already called to do at home (Deuteronomy 6:5-7). We believe children are a heritage from the Lord and an important part of our community, and it’s our desire to make church a nurturing, enlightening, and fun place for your children. Children are certainly welcome to sit with their parents in the sanctuary. We also provide different options for families – scroll down below for more details!


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Our Nursery Programme

For ages 18 months to 4 years



Children from ages 18 months to 4 years have fun learning the basic storyline of the Bible, singing songs, doing crafts, having a snack, and playing games.


We are taking them through the Bible starting from Genesis in Old Testament to the New Testament, teaching them the character of God through studying the life of Jesus.






Junior and Youths

Sunday School

For ages 5 to 16



Our desire is to teach the whole counsel of God to the next generation faithfully and systematically. Children from ages 5 to 12 are taught through a curriculum known as Generations of Grace which is developed by the Children’s Ministry in Grace Community Church, California. This is a biblically-based and God-centred curriculum designed to teach children through the history books in the Old Testament, the life of Christ, Acts of the Apostles and the book of Revelation over a three year period. Each week, children at this age group will learn a specific passage from the Bible in a way that is appropriate for their age level using interactive PowerPoint slides, videos, games or crafts to enhance their learning.






Nursing Room for Mums and Babies


To serve mothers who would like to step out of the sanctuary with a noisy or nursing child, the conference room adjacent to the nursery is used as a nursing room during church service. A changing table is also provided in the nursery.



—Our Women’s Ministry

for Working Professionals, Stay-home Mums and Retirees

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“As gospel women, are we aware of the spiritual challenges and influences that form our world view and affect our decision-making?”


Ladies’ Fellowship is designed for all women in all stages of life. We come together to spend time with other women, to share in their lives and, from a biblical perspective, discuss relevant topics such as relationships, self-control, time management, etc. Our desire is to know Christ and be transformed by His Word—in short, to be a woman after God’s own heart.


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We are doing a monthly book study on “The Joy of Fearing God” by Jerry Bridges.
Feel free to join us! Kindly email info@gracebible.sg for further queries.


Visit our blog here.

—Our Men’s Fellowship

Ministry in Church, at Home and at Work


Our Purpose


To support the spiritual growth of men through biblical fellowship for God’s glory and act as an activation and incubation arm of service for the church.






The GBF men meet up once a month on Sunday after fellowship lunch, usually in church, to discuss various topics from headship in church – such as how to steer the church to cultivate daily Bible reading and other godly habits – to evangelism and biblical parenting, with the aim of making a personal commitment amongst one another to effect changes together, and review their progress. From time to time, the men also gather in smaller groups to cycle, exercise or have meals together – so as to catch-up, disciple and share in one another’s lives.




    • It pleases God that brothers should dwell in unity (Psalm 133:1)
    • The spiritual struggles to live Christ Centered lives is constant (Romans 7:15-20)
    • Spiritual maturity takes practice (1 Timothy 4:7-8)
    • We want the best for our families and that comes through obedience towards Christ



The Goal

    • Encourage Biblical thinking among the brothers (Philippians 4:8)
    • Live out biblical submission (1 Corinthians 11:3)
    • Gather together, stir up one another (Hebrews 10:24-25)
    • Practice (James 1:22)
    • Biblical responsibility of older and younger men (1 Timothy 5:1)



Our Philosophy

    • Ownership – We are to be faithful to grow something small (Matthew 25:21)
    • Everyone talks, the Word of God judges (Acts 17:11)
    • Have Fun! (Ecclesiastes 11:9)
We have gone through R. Kent Hughes book “Disciplines of a Godly Man” and highly recommend it. This book looks at the 18 Spiritual Disciplines that ask probing questions for us men as we lead our families in ways that reflect God’s glory in our lives.


Do contact us via email at info@gracebible.sg for more info, or if you would like to join us! 🙂