13 Mar 2018, Gen 39-40 创39-40章, The Man of God 属神的人

Scripture Reading        : Gen 39-40

Theme                            : The Man of God


The key to Joseph’s victory was his godly character, and the basis for that character was his recognition that he belonged to God and served Him (39:9). “The Lord was with Joseph” is often repeated (39:2, 3, 21, 23).

The Lord is with us as we work, and we should do our work as unto Him (Eph. 6:5–8). He is with us when we are tempted and will show us the way to escape (1 Cor. 10:13). We must keep away from temptation (Rom. 13:14); and if it gets too close, we must run away (2 Tim. 2:22). It is better to flee and lose your garment than fall and lose your character.

God is with us as we wait. Joseph spent two difficult years working in the prison, but he held to his faith and did what he could to serve others. The experience helped to “put iron into his soul” (Ps. 105:17–22). If the Lord controls us, it makes little difference who commands us.

The fact that Joseph could interpret the dreams of the baker and butler indicates that he understood the meaning of his own dreams. He knew that one day his eleven brothers would have to bow before him. What an encouragement that was to his faith! [1]


Praying the Scripture

  1. Joseph had suffered in a pit because of the hatred of his brothers, but now he would face an even greater danger because of the lust of a woman. Pharaoh’s wife seduced him and Joseph fled. There are times when fleeing could be a mark of cowardice (Ps. 11:1–2; Neh. 6:11), but there are also times when fleeing is evidence of courage and integrity. Joseph was wise enough to follow the same advice Paul gave to Timothy, “Flee the evil desires of youth” (2 Tim. 2:22). Lord, we want to flee from the evil desires of youth. So help us, Lord.
  1. For the second time in his life, Joseph lost a garment (Gen. 39:12; 37:23ff); but as the Puritan preacher said, “Joseph lost his coat but he kept his character.” Self-control is an important factor in building character and preparing us for leadership. “Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls” (Prov. 25:28). Joseph exercised self-control, but Samson used his body to gratify his own pleasures; and Joseph ended up ruling on a throne, while Samson ended his life buried in a pile of rubble (Jud. 16:23–31). Dear Lord, help us to learn self control in every aspect of our life so we are able to resist temptation when it comes.
  1. When he was at home in Hebron, Joseph’s brothers considered him to be a trouble-maker, but in Egypt, he was a source of blessing because God was with him. God promised Abraham that his descendants would bring blessing to other nations (12:1–3), and Joseph not only fulfilled that promise in Egypt, he also saved the Israel and his own family from famine. Dear Lord, help us to be blessing to the people around us especially our family.

[1] Warren W. Wiersbe, With the Word Bible Commentary (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1991), Ge 39:1.





约瑟得胜的关键是那虔诚的性格,而这性格的基础是他认识到自己是属于神、服事神的(39:9)。注意“主与约瑟同在” 这句话一直不断的在经文中重复(39:2,3,21,23)。




  1. 约瑟较早因为兄弟的嫉妒而掉入了坑里,但现在却因一个女人的情欲把他陷入更大的危机中。虽然法老的妻子勾引约瑟,但他却逃跑了。有时逃跑,是一个胆怯的表现(诗篇11:1-2;尼6:11),但有时逃跑,是勇气和正直的凭据。和约瑟一样保罗给提摩太的劝告也是“逃避少年的私欲”(2提2:22)。主啊,帮助我们逃避少年的私欲。
  1. 约瑟在生命中第二次失去了衣裳(创39:12;37:23 FF);但就如清教徒所说的一样:“约瑟失去了衣裳,但他保全了自己的品格。”自制是一个塑造性格和预备领导的一个重要的要素。 “人不制伏自己的心,好像毁坏的城邑没有墙垣”(箴25:28)。约瑟操练节制的能力,最终使约瑟成为埃及的宰相;但参孙放纵情欲而导致他死在一堆瓦砾中(士16:23-31)。亲爱的主,请帮助我们在生活的每一个方面学会自我控制,那当试探来时我们能够抵挡它。
  1. 当约瑟在希伯伦时,约瑟的哥哥认为他是一个挑拨是非的人,但在埃及时,他却成为了祝福的来源,因为神与他同在。神应许亚伯拉罕,他的后裔将带来其他国家祝福(12:1-3),约瑟在埃及不仅实现了这一承诺,他还从饥荒中拯救了以色列和自己的家庭。亲爱的主,请帮助我们成为我们周围的人的祝福,尤其是我们的家人。