14 Mar 2018, Gen 41 创41章, Waiting for God 等候主

Scripture Reading        : Gen 41

Theme                             : Waiting for God



For two years, Joseph was forgotten by the chief butler, but he was not forgotten by the Lord. It is disappointing to depend on people, for often their help never comes (Pss. 60:11; 146:3). Speaking to the world’s greatest ruler, Joseph was careful to give all the glory to God (vv. 16, 25, 28, 32).


God always exalts the humble “in due time” (1 Pet. 5:6). Joseph started as a servant, but then God made him a ruler (Matt. 25:21). He experienced suffering before God gave him glory (1 Pet. 5:10). God invested thirteen years in making a man out of Joseph; when it comes to building character, God is never in a hurry.


Joseph’s new name probably means “the one who furnishes nourishment to the land.” He got married and named his two sons Manasseh (“one who forgets”) and Ephraim (“double fruit”). Joseph determined to forget the past and live for the future. In the Bible, forgetting means “not holding it against another.” Joseph certainly did not forget what his brothers did, but he did not hold it against them. Instead, he concentrated on living a fruitful life to the glory of God.[1]

Praying the Scripture

  1. Joseph was forgotten by the chief butler but he was not forgotten by the Lord. God caused Pharaoh to have two dreams that no one can interpret. God prodded the cupbearer to remember Joseph and brought him to the Pharaoh. In front of the greatest ruler of the world, Joseph was humble before God and gave honor to the only true and living God (v. 16; see also 40:8; Dan. 2:27–28). Lord, help us not to fear man but you alone.
  1. “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes” (Prov. 21:1, nkjv). Joseph’s demeanor, his skill at interpreting dreams, and his wisdom in finding a solution to the problem of the famine all impressed Pharaoh and convinced him that Joseph was the man for the job. Thirteen years before, his brothers had stripped him of his special robe, but now Pharaoh gave him a robe far greater significance. Lord, help us to humble ourselves under your mighty hand so that at the proper time you may exalt us. (1Pe 5:6)
  1. Joseph accomplished some wonderful things including overcoming trial and temptation in Egypt. But there was one more achievement that in some ways was greatest of all: He was enabled by God’s grace to wipe out the pains and bad memories of the past and make a new beginning. The name of his son Manasseh means “forgetting.” Joseph didn’t forget his family or the events that occurred, but he did forget the pain and suffering that they caused. He realized that God meant it for good (50:20). Therefore, looking at the past from that perspective, he attained victory over his bad memories and bitterness. Lord, help us be like Joseph so that we can forget past pains and make a new beginning.

[1] Warren W. Wiersbe, With the Word Bible Commentary (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1991), Ge 41:1.








神总是 “在适当的时候” 高举谦卑的人(彼前5:6)。约瑟以仆人的身份开始,但最后神使他成为统治者(马25:21)。他在受苦难之后,神才给他荣耀(彼前5:10)。神花了13年的时间来塑造约瑟。说到建立品格时,神从不着急。





  1. 首席管家把约瑟忘的一干二净,但主没有忘记他。神使法老做了两个没人能解释的梦。神使酒政记起约瑟并把他带到法老前。在世界上最伟大统治者前,约瑟在神面前谦卑自己,并把荣幸归给唯一真神(16节;40:8;但2:27-28)。主啊,求袮帮助我们只唯独敬畏袮,而不是人。
  1. “王的心在耶和华手中,好像陇沟的水随意流转”(箴21:1)。约瑟的风范、他诠释梦的技巧、他在为饥荒寻找解决方案的智慧给法老留下深刻的印象,使法老确信,约瑟是可以胜任这的。十三年前,他的兄弟们剥光了他特殊的长袍,但是现在,法老给他一件具有更远大意义的长袍。主啊,请帮助我们在袮大能的手下谦卑自己,以便在适当的时候,袮可高举我们。 (彼前5:6)
  1. 约瑟的一生有惊人的成就,包括为埃及人克服试炼和试探。但他最伟大的成就是在神的恩典下,消除过去的一切痛苦和不好的回忆,并有一个新的开始。他的儿子玛拿西的名字是“忘记”,约瑟没有忘记他的家人或所发生的事,但他忘记了其中的痛苦和苦难。他意识到神的旨意思原是好的(50:20)。因此,从这个角度来看自己的过去,约瑟战胜了那些不好的回忆和辛酸。主啊,请帮助我们像约瑟一样,可以忘记过去的痛苦,并拥有一个新的开始。