Matthew 马太福音 9:33b-34 — Two Responses to Jesus’ Power 对耶稣全能的两种反应


Here we see two different, but basically similar responses to Jesus’ miracles.
Matthew 马太福音 9:33b-34  ESV | CUV
And the crowds marveled, saying, “Never was anything like this seen in Israel.”
But the Pharisees said, “He casts out demons by the prince of demons.”

眾 人 都 希 奇 , 說 : 在 以 色 列 中 , 從 來 沒 有 見 過 這 樣 的 事 。

法 利 賽 人 卻 說 : 他 是 靠 著 鬼 王 趕 鬼 。

  1. Response of Multitudes 众多人的反应 (9:33b)
“Marveled” (thaumanz) means to be greatly amazed and astounded; to be overcome with awe. These crowds were mere onlookers, willing to cheer but not willing to participate. They came to Jesus out of curiosity and to be entertained. History is full of people who heap high praise on Jesus but give no evidence of submitting to Him, even flagrantly opposing the truth He taught. People will often give the highest praise to Jesus, even acknowledge His divinity and perfection. But only as long as no mention is made of His condemning to hell of the liar, murderer, adulterer, homosexual, thief, and every other sinner who refuses to repent and receive Him as Savior and Lord.


  1. Response of Religionists 宗教家的反应 (9:34)
The Pharisees could not deny the fact of Jesus’ miracles, so they chose to deny the source. And because they refused to recognize Jesus as the Messiah of God, they declared Him to be an agent of Satan. (v. 34) When an unbeliever is determined not to believe, no fact or reason – no matter how obvious or convincing – can enlighten him. The person who is sold out to darkness refuses to recognize the light, even when it is blindingly clear.



Praying the Scripture 用经文祷告

  1. Which of these two groups do you belong to? We have heard Jesus’ authoritative words and see His authoritative works. What is your response? Are you marveled like the multitudes or do you bow down and submit to him as Lord and Master?


  1. Any person who praises Jesus but rejects Him as Lord and master is just as damned as the person who denounces and rejects Him. Jesus Himself said that He is the creator and master of our lives. If we do not accept His words, we deny Him. What about you? Is He Lord and master of your life?